Fiat Panda

The Essentials

  • Price from £8,900
  • What Car? says: 3 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 67.3mpg
  • What is it? The Fiat Panda is a good-value city car with the option of 4x4
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    "Very cute, very practical."



    I have just taken delivery of a new style 1.2 Lounge. This is my second Panda and comkpared to the 2005 model it is really quiet, easy to drive and has loads of space for a car its size. Having 5 doors is much beter than 3 and it will be great for trips to IKEA etc. All the weekly shopping for 4 fits in the boot. It is an incredibly cute little car, mine is black with a red interior and I could not be more pleased. As I am ancient my insurance is only

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    "Great compact car without frills"



    We've had this for three years and it's been a great buy. It's great for driving round City streets as its nippy and you can squeeze through many a tight space and parking is a breeze. Great for younger kids i.e. 3-12. Not sure how useful it will be as my kids legs stretch but at the moment can happily get two kids (8 and 11), 8 year old's bike and dog in the car. Do opt for the folding seats and extra rear seat belt and obviously central locking and alarm. We've done long journeys London to Brittany and Jersey which has worked well and amazing how much you can get in the car in terms of storage. Love it in terms of value for money and practicality. But the cost reflects the fact you might compromise on comfort slightly (headrests don't achieve their stated aim or maybe my neck isn't long enough to reach) e.g. unlikely to be able to nod off on a long journey as an adult. It does as the What Car Review states judder slightly on Motorway so you can't hare up the motorway. However, probably wouldn't do that anyway with kids in car....

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