Fiat 500

The Essentials

  • Price from £9,960
  • What Car? says: 3 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 72.4mpg
  • What is it? A city car that says 'footloose and fancy-free' - until you find your teenager has 'borrowed' the keys again.
  • Your Reviews

    "Fun to drive, very fuel efficient, but odd seating/driving position"



    I really enjoy driving my Fiat 500 and I especially like its city steering which is very useful for parking. The diesel version is very, very fuel efficient which is probably the best thing about the car. The seating position gets uncomfortable if you're doing long journeys though; it's not a 'normal' driving position. Not sure if it works better for shorter legs, I am quite tall. You'd definitely need to try it to know if it's comfortable for you.

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    "Small car with added cool factor"



    I absolutely love this car! I had always planned on getting a VW Beetle but DH saw the Fiat Pop on Top Gear and suggested we take one for a test drive. I hadn't been driving long and immediately felt happy and comfortable behind the wheel. For a small car you are quite high up so don't feel small. Although mine has a teeny engine it is a light car and still pretty nippy. I don't push it much above 70 but it can do 80 smoothly enough. I've heard they get a bit rattly at 90 but I don't drive that fast. smile
    I( have had it for 3 years now and apart from new wipers and a valve for the windsreen washer it has had no problems at all. Economical to run and reliable.
    It is small but as a second family car it is great. We can fit a weekend's worth of stuff, 2 adults, a kids and a small dog in (just) but it would be no good for camping.
    It has been compared to driving round in a retro toaster but in a good way.
    I drive on country roads, city roads and motorways and it is great for all purpose and all weather driving, although off road or in extreme weather I imagine it wouldn't be much cop. ;)
    There are cheaper small cars but I don't think they are as nice. If, like me, you need to love your car (and even give it a name) this is the one for you!

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