Ford S-Max

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  • Price from £22,805
  • What Car? says: 4 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 54.3mpg
  • What is it? The Ford S-Max is a practical, versatile seven-seater that's also genuinely good to drive
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    "Fab family car"



    This is the 2015 model. Titanium trim with 2L diesel engine. A big jump up from my 12 year old 1.6L petrol VW Golf. A change necessitated by the imminent arrival of DC3. We bought it second hand (yes, 3 months old and second hand), so the spec is what was on the forecourt rather than what we chose.

    Yes, the drive is nice, the blue tooth hands free phone and audio, climate control, automatic lights, driving position blah blah blah all fab. No complaints at all. Drives like a far smaller car and easy to park (helped by the parking sensors, which actually are a bit irritating but you can turn them off). But this is the reason I bought it: getting 3 high spec child seats in one row. I have 1. a maxi cosi cabriofix on an ISOfix base with support leg. 2. A Britax Kidfix HBB with ISOfix (no support leg). 3. Klippan Kiss 2 ERF ISOfix seat with support leg. Each is a wide seat. They fit easily in the middle row, with enough space that DS1 who is in the middle in the HBB can easily access the seat belt to fasten and unfasten. This was high priority. Although the baby carrier and the ERF can go in with seat belts, logistically they needed to be nearest the doors so I can do the straps. So the HBB needed to be in the middle, where lots of cars do not have ISOfix points. But without ISOfix, DS1 would need to strap his seat in every time he left it, or else it would be rattling around the back seat, possibly endangering the rest of the occupants still in the car. WRT to support legs, there are under floor storage compartments, for which you can buy foam fillers. Alternatively you can just take the lids off the compartments and extend the support leg to rest on the floor of the cavity (only about 3 inches deep).

    This means too that the middle row is ample big enough for 3 average sized adults. The rear seas are rather small, and the foot wells largely non-existant. Really only suitable for the small and / or flexible. But I could certainly put the HBB there, and use a normal group 1 toddler seat secured with a seat belt. Ditto the infant carrier used without the base. I think the lack of foot well would make it impossible to use any seat with a support leg and obviously there are no ISOfix points in the rear row.

    GRIPES: Very minor ones really. It's annoying that you need a tool to put on the child locks on the back door, rather than there just being a small lever, as it's harder to change if you have adults in the back. The diameter of the cup holders are a bit small so they'll hold a 500ml bottle of mineral water but nothing bigger. I'm a short arse and have to get on tip toes to close the boot (which is also heavy), but you can get a foot operated version which would be helpful.

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