Volkswagen Touran

The Essentials

  • Price from £19,210
  • What Car? says: 4 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 61.4mpg
  • What is it? The Volkswagen Touran is a classy, user-friendly seven-seater that's good to drive and can take three child seats abreast - but it's not as versatile as some rivals
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    "good for tall people"



    Chose the Touran 2.5 Turbo diesel to ensure we had power to drive on motorways etc. The car handles well, but has the VW blindspots noticeable when parking. It's height above other traffic is nice.
    The car has two good size front seats with plenty of leg room for tall people (husband 6.4), and three proper seats in the back to almost accommodate 3 child seats.
    Flexibility with the seats is great. The storage compartments all over the place are a bit of nonsense and really just gimmicks.
    DOWNSIDES. Absence of a spare wheel / tyre - we bought a space saver because the repair kit only works for some punctures not others; and the boot /trunk is extremely narrow. You cannot lie a pram down across the boot unless it is at an angle. It is narrower than the golf we traded in as a replacement. The boot height compenstates for this, but when we go camping I find the width frustrating - e.g. some camping equipment you can lie flat in other cars, you can't in a touran. I'm not sure what car we will replace it with when the time comes. Peugot 405?

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    "Love my car"



    We have recently bought a Touran after driving a Zafira for years. I was reluctant to change as the Zafira was a workhorse and dependable. However, now I'm used to the Touran I love it. It feels so much more solid and therefore better protected if we are in an accident. I can fit three children across the back so I don't have to deal with a child in the boot getting carsick on long journeys and it's really easy to drive. The only drawback is that it's quite a large car and therefore parking can be an issue but I have quite a large family so sadly a mini is out of the question for some time.

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    "A pleasure to drive and very quite (apart from the kids in it)"



    Lovely smooth drive, good acceleration and really comfortable seat. Everything works well, the engine noise is really quiet, back seats easy to flip up, spacious boot and cleveerly designed middle seat belts, I am in love with it and VW have done an excellent job. My only complaint is that the levers to move seats back/forward in the middle row of seats stick out a bit. Small point.

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    "Solid, reliable, if unexciting"



    Reliable, solidly built, safe car, copes well with rough and tumble of children. Would definitely recommend the SE model rather than basic - too many gadgets/standard fittings missing on the basic. Acceleration is acceptable, lower bhp model works hard though at higher speeds - go for the higher bhp. Personally find the reverse gear stupidly positioned next to the first. Boot space roomy when rear seats are down but not as many or as large storage cubbys as other MPVs.

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