Land Rover Defender

The Essentials

  • Price from £21,410
  • What Car? says: 2 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 28.3mpg
  • What is it? Old-school 4x4 that's happiest out in the rough - just the thing for delivering hay to the flock.
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    The best shag I ever had was in a Landrover Defender and that is not the only reason why I'm giving this car five stars! You can keep your miserable little Honda Jazz and Nissan Micra, the Defender is a proper car which doesn't take any s**t and gets you there on time.

    If you care about your nails and the colour coordination of handbags, this car really isn't for you! But if you have an adventurous spirit and a strong personality, this car speaks of power and unrefined style, something missing from the general car market.

    If you like a little fun and don't care what others think, the Landrover Defender is a truely wonderful car. Brilliant!

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    "step back to the 60's and enjoy!"



    Had 3 of these over the years, drive a 90 most days and have to say its the most uncomfortable you can be in a car, bar none.. so why do I like it? Good question! dd loves it, dh loves it. I suppose the fact that there is no nod towards anything fancy or modern goes a long way..

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