Land Rover Defender

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  • Price from £21,410
  • What Car? says: 2 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 28.3mpg
  • What is it? Old-school 4x4 that's happiest out in the rough - just the thing for delivering hay to the flock.
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    The best shag I ever had was in a Landrover Defender and that is not the only reason why I'm giving this car five stars! You can keep your miserable little Honda Jazz and Nissan Micra, the Defender is a proper car which doesn't take any s**t and gets you there on time.

    If you care about your nails and the colour coordination of handbags, this car really isn't for you! But if you have an adventurous spirit and a strong personality, this car speaks of power and unrefined style, something missing from the general car market.

    If you like a little fun and don't care what others think, the Landrover Defender is a truely wonderful car. Brilliant!

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    "step back to the 60's and enjoy!"



    Had 3 of these over the years, drive a 90 most days and have to say its the most uncomfortable you can be in a car, bar none.. so why do I like it? Good question! dd loves it, dh loves it. I suppose the fact that there is no nod towards anything fancy or modern goes a long way..

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    "Not everyone's cup of tea but is certainly worth a look"



    Dh has a 110 on a 2010 plate. He uses it daily for work as goes to farms, stables etc so needs to go off road frequently.
    We use the Landy to go on holiday, days to beach, camping etc. It is absolutely fantastic. We have a full length roof box so can take all camping stuff and more, no minimal camping for us! The boot fits all bedding and all the rest on top.
    This means the dc are happy as they only have their toys in the back, not squashed in with everything else. They love being high up and being able to see out the windows as well as driving through rivers or across the dunes.
    Seats are very comfortable. The front seats are upright and only recline slightly, but when you get out there is not that need to stretch nor an ache in your back..
    Easy to park in car parks as narrower than most cars, but is high so doesn't always fit into multi stories.
    I could go on but had better stop now.
    Yes it is more costly in fuel, yes it is noisy, but boy is it fun and life is there to be had!

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    "Aerodynamics of a biscuit tin but loved."



    If you live rurally then this car comes highly recommended especially if you have to do a lot of off road driving.

    Forget comfort, this car is utilitarian.

    We have an old 12 seater type and the middle seats fold down flat so you can fit an insane amount of stuff in or easily cart a calf, small haybale, bags of feed then drive it up a mountainside and through rivers.

    Town driving is a bit more problematic as everyone hates you. The Defender is very high up so visibility at the front is good and you can easily see over the top of smaller cars.
    Rear visibility is very poor especially with a whacking spare tyre stuck to the back door. (we took our one off)
    Parking spaces at supermarkets are too narrow for the Defender so it is best to park in a faraway, forlorn area and take two spaces.
    It is ok, nobody would steal it as the alarm would cause your eardrums to explode plus would set off the collies who are in the back and ready to remove a thief's arm.

    Acceleration can sometimes take you by surprise once you have worked through the clunky gearbox to get into fifth but weep real tears as you watch the fuel burn away.

    Running costs - well, let's not even go there. This is not a car for town nor long trips.
    Maintenance can be fairly straightforward if you do it yourself but is pricey at a garage.

    If you want a car which rattles, whirrs, where conversation consists of roaring at each other then this the one for you.
    You can customise them with everything from fancy seats to fridges but it all costs a fortune.
    A damn good winch is the only frippery worth getting oh, and a cup holder.

    All these things considered, I would not drive anything else and love the Defender.

    It has pulled people out of ditches, pulled fallen trees off roads, carried sheep, lambs, water, huge tractor parts and is roomy enough for the children to use as a den on rainy days.
    It can go anywhere and handles deep mud effortlessly but can be a life saver when winter is severe.

    I will even add the wnaky bit and say it is iconic but that only works if you are at a rural do in a field with a thousand other Defenders and they have been washed. Otherwise, nobody really sees you except as a dot on yon faraway hill.

    A country vehicle but not for town.

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