Ford C-Max

The Essentials

  • Price from £17,665
  • What Car? says: 3 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 61.4mpg
  • What is it? The Ford C-Max is one of the best-driving MPVs on the market, but rivals are more practical and versatile
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    "Good family car"



    We have had our Cmax 15 months

    The fuel consumption, tax and servicing costs are low (diesel)
    The drive is good
    I'm comfortable driving (6ft6) and so is my wife (5ft8)
    The glass roof is really cool
    High seats make loading the nipper a doddle
    Seats are very comfortable

    some rattles
    Boot useful, could be bigger
    Burnt Orange on reflection prob won't age well

    Otherwise, we are very happy

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    "Great mini-MPV, fits 2 car seats and an actual adult in the back"



    We bought this over other models because we could pop an adult comfortably in the back seat between the two car seats. As a vertically challenged person, I love the height-adjustable driver's seat. And the heated self-defrosting windscreen is a must-have on winter mornings.

    But, while I love most things about this car - spacious, comfortable, good value.... the handling could be better. It wallows quite heavily around corners and lacks grip on slippy roads. You need to keep a very careful eye on tyre pressure to keep it safe on the road.

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    "comfortable and practical family car"



    We've had our C Max for just over a year now and have used it regularly for both short and longer journeys. The boot space is very generous easily fitting all our luggage and all the extras that gets dragged along on our self-catering holidays.

    The height of the car adds to the comfort and makes getting in and out much easier. I wish we'd had this car when my children were babies. I still remember the back and neck ache from having to bend/twist and lift the car seats out of our old fiat. The children think this car is cool - They have tinted windows with built in sunshades and coolest of all pull down tables "It's like being on an aeroplane!". There are lots of little storage areas - some are hidden and my kids love filling them up with all their special stuff.
    The drive is very smooth and quiet when driving both locally and also on motorways.

    This car is not the fastest or most stylish infact many would describe it as quite boring but I have to say I love it. We've also got a little clio that I use which is fine when I'm on my own but the children always ask to go in the C Max now whenever we're going out. They can do their seatbelts up themselves in the C Max whereas in the clio their booster seats make it hard for them to click the belts and I end up having to bend over and stretch into the back. I was moaning about this to my husband and so he now drives the clio for work and lets me have the C Max to ferry the kids around in!

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