Lexus RX

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  • Price from £44,495
  • What Car? says: 3 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 44.8mpg
  • What is it? A luxury 4x4 that's also green and cheap to run - no, really.
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    "Irresistible, really"



    I really shuoldn't like this car; it's such a compromise. It's economical, but not very; it's big, but not that capacious inside; it's posh, but not that confortable; yet I do love it to bits.

    Once I drove a Lexus hybrid I kind of had to have one, as the serene experience of driving something so luxurious in complete silence as it moves off is very seductive. Add the fantastic aircon and amazing radio/CD, and you just want to stay there all day.

    The bad points are that it has a quite bad ride- it really doesn't like bumps- and the steering is neither particularly light nor informative. It's certainly not a "driver's car" as they say in motoring mags. But it is hilariously quick. And you get used to the ride.

    The build quality is second to none- my car has done 70,000 milea and is like new. And when on flat roads, it is supremely comfortable.

    It is of course easy to get in and out of, the remote tailgate is genuinely useful, and despite its size it's very easy to drive- the mirrors are great and the reversing camera is a boon once you get used to it. Actually all the gadgets are genuinely good- the automatic wipers really work, rather than responding to some fictitious version of the rain known only to them, and the sat nav, once you get used to it, is the best I have yet to use. As there is no fun in driving these days, you might as well enjoy the gadgets that make your life at the wheel more relaxed, and the ones in this car are very good indeed.

    Kids love it, or at least mine do- so far the sense of occasion involved in traveling in a Lexus is not watsed on them, and it goes without saying that the DVD players in the backs of the front seats are popular. The leather of the seats is quite thin, and I'm glad I got one with black leather, as the beige interiors get marked very easily. Not a good choice when your children are small (mine no longer are).

    Don't get too excited about the economy- with a 3.3 litre V6 it's never going to be cheap to run, but the comprehensive ennergy meter will help you keep the MPG up. It will never do less than 30, and how far towards 40 you keep it is up to you and your careful driving. I can average about 36. But it won't go wrong, so the extra you pay in petrol, you won't spend on repairs. At least that's my theory.

    I was going to get a Mk3 Prius, but realised that I could get a slightly older RX400h for about the same money, and thought "why not enjoy life a bit?". So far, I'm completely happy with it.

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