Honda Jazz

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  • Price from £11,605
  • What Car? says: 3 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 62.8mpg
  • What is it? We can't fault the space or versatility, but the Jazz isn't as good to drive as some rivals
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    "Quality and versatile car"



    I've owned a 1.4 Jazz for a year and have been impressed by its versatility and quality. The drive is excellent though the gearing ratios are odd ( to me) so I find driving in hilly places requires a lot of gear shifting. MPG is around 48-50 for a mixture of urban and extra-urban driving.
    The fold down seats fold down really easily to a flat surface ( great for taking DS's stuff to university. Finish and fittings are high quality. I also tested a VW Polo - dull! And a VW Up which was a good little car and more spacious than you would expect but a little lacking in power for long drives.

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    "Spacious but small"



    We have three children and the Jazz still works fine for us. The boot is really big despite the fact that the car is small. We go camping with two adults, three children and all our camping stuff in this car, with no roof rack/trailer.
    It's fairly economical to run too and Hondas tend to be very reliable. Ours is now over ten years old and running well.

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    "brilliant car i love love love it. great versatile family workhorse."



    i bought one of the first 1.2 models in 2004- mine was completely no frills (i regret not getting air con)

    since then 100 thousand miles of happy motoring ensued. I had my first large bill this year at 105 k miles!

    i don't recognise the comment about drive - i have driven this like a beast and it has never felt flighty - it feels rock solid and the ABS has stopped us from skidding a good few times.

    the interior space is roomy, feels better than my sisters new model Yaris. DH is 6'2 and doesn't want for legroom. we get three child seats across the back.

    The way the boot folds down flat is wonderful - we have moved house with this twice and it is used in lieu of a van all too often!

    i had the new model for a week and it did feel less roomy inside - i think they have sacrificed some space to get the more attacking 'look'.

    the 1.2 sometimes needs booting up a hill when laden, but that's what you'd expect.

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