Vauxhall Insignia saloon

The Essentials

  • Price from £19,815
  • What Car? says: 2 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 65.0mpg
  • What is it? A desirable family car packed with high-tech gadgets. Shame the Insignia isn't better to drive.
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    "It's alright...but just alright."



    The boot is huge, which was a big plus for me. You can get 3 pushchairs in easily. Actually you can get 3 adults in, but that's another story!

    The interior is ok. No better or worse than it's peers. I like the look of the exterior.

    I have the 2l diesel SRI.

    Good on fuel on a long run, but not for short trips.

    Poor sight lines when driving. I've driven lots of cars and don't usually have a problem with judging distances, but there is very poor visability through the rear window - it has a funny angle, and even trying to judge the front is quite hard. I'm often absolutely sure I'm at the wall and when I get out there is quite a lot of space left.

    Biggest bug bear is noise. It is a very noisy car. I didn't really realise at first as I had been driving an old landrover which roared! But over time it dawned on me just how loud it is.

    It has had a few faults one electrical - the break lights were not coming on when breaking due to a fault in the wire.

    It has had a few engine problems too.

    Overall it isn't a bad car. I would have changed it by now if it hadn't depreciated so much. As it is I'll keep it for a bit longer, but really wish I had bought a Passat or an Audi. All of which were around the same price when I got mine.

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