Renault Megane

The Essentials

  • Price from £16,280
  • What Car? says: 2 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 70.6mpg
  • What is it? The Renault Megane is a decent all-rounder but it's a long way off the class leaders
  • Your Reviews

    "Lovely to drive but a squeeze for a family"



    We have a 61-plate GT diesel model. It's really fun to drive and comfortable for the driver and front-seat passenger. The boot has more space than you'd think and we've done a few camping trips in it as a family of 3. The fuel efficiency is excellent (compared to my other petrol-run car anyway!).

    My gripes:

    - There really isn't enough space in the back to make this a family car. DS is only 2 but I have to put the front passenger seat quite far forward to give him enough leg room. I'm 5'4" and get squashed in the front when he's sitting behind me. We now have a DD and it's a real squeeze to fit her baby car seat behind the driver's seat while still giving the driver enough leg room. No chance of getting a passenger into the middle seat between the two DC.

    - There are a few workmanship issues with the interior, which is a bit annoying. A plastic panel on the front passenger side has come away from the central column (no misuse, honest!) and there's a snapped strut in the opening part of the panoramic sunroof. Both happened within a few months of buying the car brand new.

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