Nissan Qashqai

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  • Price from £16,595
  • What Car? says: 4 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 62.8mpg
  • What is it? The Nissan Qashqai is a refreshingly different take on a small family car, blending 4x4 looks with sensible running costs
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    "So glad we got this"



    I simply cannot fault it. The perfect family car. Large from the inside and small from the outside.

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    "Lovely car with comfortable driving position."



    Bought my Qashqai in 2010 when I was forced to move from my lovely Beetle Sport to a more sensible family car. I bought an automatic because I wanted an easier drive and also, because I have short legs,the driving position is more comfortable without having to worry about reaching the clutch!

    Positives: This is, by far, the most comfortable car I have ever driven. I actually feel relaxed when driving (even when the kids are arguing!) The seats support the back very well with lots of variety in the height and lumbar support. There is better visibility due to the higher driving position. You get the feel of a 4x4 without needing the 4x4 version. I have parking sensors which makes parking very easy (note these are a real necessity for the Qashqai as rear visibility is limited due to a very small rear window). My car is equipped with hands free Bluetooth and cruise control - both of which are used on a daily basis (setting the speed to 30mph really helps prevent speeding). The sound system and 6 CD changer is really good.

    Negatives: I would say that the boot could be a bit bigger. It gets challenged severely on family holidays with a young child and all the additional things you need to take along. I've mentioned that the visibility out of the rear window is a bit limited so parking sensors are a real essential on this car (and I'm an excellent parker!). I would like to see some more storage in the interior of the car and an additional electrical/charger point inside the car.

    Notes: Consider carefully whether you buy the petrol or diesel model of this car. I was advised by salespeople that the petrol version would not be any less fuel draining than the diesel with an automatic gear box. I am not sure that this is the case and I would definitely review this again next time around. I would also consider engine size carefully - this is a heavy car and I notice that the pick up is quite slow on my 1.8L model. It cruises on the motorway very comfortably though when reaching its cruising speed.

    I would definitely consider buying another Qashqai when I look to upgrade my car although I might consider the +2 model.

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