Fiat Punto

The Essentials

  • Price from £9,000
  • What Car? says: 3 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 68.9mpg
  • What is it? Spacious supermini is good value but not much fun to drive
  • Your Reviews

    "Small but comfortable"



    I am now on my 4th Punto.
    I love them because they are economical and zippy.
    I think the boot is big enough for your shopping though a family car would be needed if you had a large load to carry. (Big suitcases, wheelchair or pram)
    My latest one is names Bessie!

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    "Big enough for the family, small enough for fun!"



    I love my car! I have 3 step children and a 2 1/2 year old saughter and we all fit veyr nicely in the car. It also makes me feel young when I zoom away from the lights ;)

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    "Fiat Punto 3dr Active Sport 2006 -"



    I bought this car second hand to upgrade from my Punto MK2 2003, which I was very happy with but DH wanted me to have a 'better'/newer car.

    This car is unbelievably difficult to use. My initial drive of the car and testing it out was fine, the car is light and easy to move, quite quiet and a good size for moving my kids about etc. However, the problems do not start straight away, and Ive had the car checked out to make sure its not an individual problem.

    Engine warning light - This comes on if you breathe too heavy in the car, as well as when there is a genuine fault, and since I have had it Ive been back and forth to my (faithful) garage, who have whipped out the diagnostic machine and informed me that there is nothing wrong, the light bulb isnt in right and other such strange things from the car's computer. They check the engine and there hasnt been any trouble with it.

    Picking up speed - Despite being a 1.4 sport, and being quite light, this is a very slow car. If you are unfortunate enough to get behind someone on a slip road up onto the motorway and you do not get enough speed behind you, you will spend the rest of your journey topping 50 miles an hour with your foot right down, with many motorists being rude to you. This may change if you reach a big enough drop in the motorway, but if you have to climb it first then the chances are the speed will drop lower still first. So you have to plan your car use, and try and work out how to use the car to its best rather than just drive.

    Information beeps - The car lets you know by beeping at you when you have low fuel, and you cack yourself when its on the motorway and this loud inexplicable beep comes and you think your car is about to fail and you prepare to make some emergency stop and youre looking around panicking...and then at some point you read your little info screen (when you should be looking at the motorway) which says 'low fuel' which you knew anyway because you saw the yellow light! (I have reduced the volume but it still shocks me).

    *Travel help*: This is a really helpful feature, if your CD is on and the travel news in the morning/evening comes on, it will pause the CD and switch to it momentarily. Bad part - it turns the radio up to a ridiculous level and blasts your ears out, and once again you cack yourself at speed on the motorway. I havent found the volume adjust for this yet.

    MPG - lets not go there. I dont always get 40mpg and I try to drive carefully.

    Revs Ive heard from others to get good MPG to keep the revs under 30,000 (?) to keep the balance. This car does 30,000 at 55-60 mph, so it means you do 40,000+ to go at 70mph, which isnt helpful, and a bit worrying that my previous 1.2 punto managed 30,000 at 70mph and had better MPG

    The car is comfortable enough and although Im complaining about it, I still use it as I need a car. I just wouldnt buy another.

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