Fiat Bravo

The Essentials

  • Price from £15,205
  • What Car? says: 2 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 64.2mpg
  • What is it? The Bravo is cheap to buy, but it falls way behind the best in its class in just about every other respect.
  • Your Reviews

    "Family hatchback that's a bit different"



    I have the 1.4 turbo petrol Bravo, which has 150bhp. Firsly, I love the power - keeps up with the 1.9/2.0TDi cars nicely. I was looking for a hatchback but didn't want to be another mum with a Focus/Megane/Astra, so the Bravo was just perfect. They're not incredibly common, but my goodness, are they pretty!

    My husband has a Focus, and there's not a lot of difference in size, although the Focus has slightly more "usable" boot space, as the Bravo has a curve at the front of the boot, whereas the Focus just goes straight across. I can fit my son's pushchair in the boot with no problem, whereas I also looked at the Citroen C4 and had to take the pushchair's wheels off to fit it in.

    I don't agree with it feeling cheap inside - I think it's lovely, and is much nicer than the Focus, and even the Volvo S40 that I had for a while. I also haven't had a problem with reversing, visibility is fine for me, but I guess that's subjective.

    Only downside really is that it doesn't handle brilliantly - there's a fair amount of body roll and it doesn't have as much grip as it does power. However, this improved greatly for me when I changed the brand of tyres I had.

    All in all, I love this car. It's gorgeous to look at, easy to drive (sensibly or not-so-sensibly!), I haven't had a single problem with mine and it's 5 years old now, and it's very cheap to buy, especially used.

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