Kia Ceed

The Essentials

  • Price from £14,395
  • What Car? says: 4 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 76.3mpg
  • What is it? A Korean car that beats many European rivals on merit, not only on value
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    "reasonably priced car"



    I have the 1.6 petrol
    fun to drive, light to handle but feels secure on the road, got some oomf behind it (but not in 5th) so is lovely and responsive

    much more spacious than anticipated from looking at the outside, I'm a 6 ft driver -in a golf I can't get a passenger in behind me, in the Kia I can

    downside -people can be a bit snobby if you say you drive a Kia
    runs quite high on the revs and can be a little bit noisy to drive but I can live with that for the purchase price saving vs either a focus or a golf

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    "Comfortable and spacious"



    A recent purchase as had to upgrade following the birth of DC. The boot is huge!!! Its a joy to drive and plenty of power when needed. Radio control from the steering wheel and control over both wing mirrors from the drivers side. Nice & comfortable and air con for the summer which rocks with DH the kids. Fuel consumption reasonable for the size of car. Reasonably priced second hand and of course a 7 year warranty. Which is nice.

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    "Fab family car - love my cee'd!"



    Silly name but great car! It looks like a small hatchback in pics so I well remember being surprised by how large it is in reality. It's very roomy in the back with a capacious boot. Haven't tried 3 child seats in the back, but we've had 2 with an adult in between OK (!). 1 child seat and two larger children is certainly fine.

    Mine is a 1.6 diesel. It has plenty of oomph when I need it. It is very smooth and comfy to drive. I get 52 mpg on a mix of short journeys and longer hauls. Husband loves it too, and is considering the estate version for when his Ford Focus estate needs changing.

    The petrol version is Top Gear's 'Reasonably Priced Car'. Kias are amazing value for money. The build quality is great and unrivalled at the price.

    Really cannot recommend it too highly - I just love this car :-)

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    I have had this car for 2 years now and it was 3 years old when I bought it. It has not had one thing go wrong with it yet.

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