BMW 5 Series

The Essentials

  • Price from £30,030
  • What Car? says: 5 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 62.8mpg
  • What is it? Smart, luxurious and very good to drive - as long as you add a few choice options.
  • Your Reviews

    "Big -takes a bit of getting used to"



    The latest model is a beautiful looking car. It gets many admiring glances and comments.

    At 5'4, I'm going to need a cushion as with the seat as high as it will go, I'm struggling to see properly over the bonnet.

    The dash is huge and makes the footwell seem quite small. It's impossible to reach around to children in the back.

    The park assist is really loud.

    I find the turning circle less then spectacular. Traded up from a 3 series and just when I thought it had no more to give on a turn, my little beauty would give another foot. I spend my days reversing the 530 as its turning circle is limited.

    The central controls for the windows are on the drivers door so not useful in a family car when we are all in it.

    Sport, comfort, normal modes of driving are great. Sport really lets you lift. Illegal to go over speed limit etc but really fun to drive.

    My husband adores the car. Is 6'2 and doesnt find it cramped at all, loves the big dash.

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