Audi A6 Avant

The Essentials

  • Price from £32,455
  • What Car? says: 4 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 56.5mpg
  • What is it? Gorgeous inside and out, and a great all-rounder, but the A6 Avant is not the most practical executive estate.
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    "Good, solid, sporty(ish) large estate; rubbish satnav and parts are pricey"



    We have the Le Mans 3L TDi version of this ('57 plate) and love it. It beat the BMW 3 series and the Mercedes C class equivalent hands down on size and responsiveness. For size, the Mercedes E class is bigger but again the car felt more pedestrian.

    The boot is cavernous and if you really need it, a top box is surprisingly light on the fuel economy, particularly when fully loaded. Plenty of room for adults front and back, although if you've two child seats select slim grown ups only for the rear seat! The only thing missing for me is a ski flap in the centre as with two children in the rear it is not always practical to use the 1:2 rear seat split when carrying long items.

    Fuel economy is good on long journeys but not so good on short ones, even in the computer controlled drive mode. It eats up mileage easily on long trips. Manoeuvrability and visibility are good for such a big car and the parking sensors are good too, though I have seen more sophisticated all-round systems, not just front and rear, on BMWs. We've driven it down entirely iced up back roads through the last few snowy winters and found the 4 wheel drive, ABS and traction control good enough for a necessary if cautiously driven trip.

    The ride is quite stiff but it is a sport model so I would expect that. I find the leather seats perfectly comfortable even on long journeys despite this. Seat heaters in the front are a bonus; electronic memory seats would help as getting driving position right can be a fine art.

    The Sport mode really increases the engine responsiveness and reduces (but not completely eliminates) the turbo lag in Drive. The lag can be quite frustrating as it is not consistent - sometimes you put your foot down and the lag seems long, sometimes short. Might just be perception though. There are flappy paddles and a gear select on the gear stick if you need/want them.

    The downsides: the MMI entertainment/info system is not the least complicated and (in ours) doesn't support MP3 players, nor does it have a single CD loader. The satnav is poor, taking only the first part of a postcode plus the first number from the second part, leaving you with a wide geographic area to try and narrow down. Updating the maps with official Audi ones is very expensive - to the point where we will simply go and buy a separate satnav plus updates when we need new ones. Parts, particularly tyres, are very expensive and if buying second hand check the duty band carefully as Audi changed the engine for a lower band one around 2007 but some later plated cars may still have the older, higher band.

    In short, this is a good family car with some niggles. It has its expenses but the build quality is such that I think it will last well, hence my value for money rating is better than my complaints about pricey parts might suggest. I would definitely look at buying again when we've run this one into the floor.

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    "Luxurious and well-made!"



    A huge car! We replaced a Volvo XC90 with the Audi and feel we have just as much room and that access to the boot is easier for little people as it is lower. The boot is like a tardis and caters well for a fortnight's holiday with 3 sporty teens, all their paraphernalia and a large dog in a crate.
    The styling inside is luxurious and solid, as you'd expect from a German car.
    The leather seats in our model clean very easily and despite having been used every day for over 5 years it looks immaculate.
    We have a diesel model and can do about 400 miles on a motorway on a tank, whilst not compromising on power.
    It's a good looking car, looks expensive and is of excellent quality, both inside and out.
    My only beef with our model is the sports seats, which the vertically-challenged like myself might struggle with. It took me a few weeks to find the right seat height so as to get the best view out of the side windows.

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