Your V5C registration certificate and other paperwork

Once you have received full payment for the car (not just the desposit), you’ll need to complete the necessary documents to make sure it is officially transferred to the buyer.

V5C registration certificate
You and your buyer will need to complete the appropriate sections for transferring the vehicle to a new keeper; it is then your responsibility to post it to the DVLA. You will also need to give the buyer the section for him/her to keep while the new V5C document is processed. The V5C is not proof of ownership; only a receipt of purchase can prove who is the rightful owner of the car.

Security register
If your car is listed with a security register, which marks vehicles with a unique code by which it can be identified if stolen, you must inform them of the sale, too. The forms you need to fill in and send off should be with your car’s documentation. If not, the security company’s contact number should be marked on the car’s windows.

Warranty provider
If the car has warranty cover – either from a manufacturer or an independent provider – you will need to contact them with the new owner’s details.

Let your insurance company know when you are no longer the registered keeper.



Last updated: about 3 years ago