How much is my car worth?

If you want to get the best deal when you come to sell, it’s vital that you find out how much your car is worth.

Mumsnet Cars Valuations

Our free online car valuation tool will tell you instantly what you should get whether you’re selling the car without a new purchase, part-exchanging or selling to a private individual. You’ll also see a trade price: this is less than what a dealer should be giving you for your car, so don’t accept it if he says it’s the going rate.

Know your market

Examine the adverts in the publications or websites you're advertising your car in to confirm your asking price is in line with similar cars. Ask too little and potential buyers may be wary that something is wrong; ask too much and they’ll move straight on to the next ad.

Your car’s condition

If your car is in particularly good nick and has covered fewer miles than average, it’ll be worth more; and vice versa. Make sure your price is fair for your car’s condition, and bear in mind that you’ll be wasting everyone’s time if you describe your car as being in better condition than it is: buyers will simply walk away the moment they see it.

Gadgets and gizmos

In general, special and limited editions aren't worth much more than the basic model they were based on unless they're absolutely packed with extra equipment. Even then, you might only be able to add on a few hundred pounds on.

Last updated: about 3 years ago