Family cars - how to choose, child car seat advice and more

asian family in carIf you're a driver, having children often means a car rethink whether it's saying goodbye to your soft top or upgrading to a more capacious vehicle. This is the place to search out car reviews and look up features on insurance, maintenance and finance.

Car crimes committed by kids

car crimes

Despite all the clever tech now built into cars, sadly Mumsnetters prove there's no such thing as an entirely 'child-proof' vehicle.

School run disasters

Mumsnetters recall school runs that were memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Car seats

Baby car seat

Be confident that your children are travelling safely and comfortably. Check out Mumsnetters' reviews of the best car seats on the market.

Buying a car

buying a car

From test drives and haggling to which type of car you should go for, see the Mumsnet guides to buying a car.

Car ownership

Motor insurance certficate

Once you have a car, you need to make sure it's road-worthy and insured. Here's what you need to know.

Car finance

fuel price

There's no getting round it, owning and running a car is expensive. Here's how to minimise those costs.

Selling a car

One owner sign on windscreen

So, you've decided to put your car up for sale. Find out the best way to shift it and the legal steps you need to complete.

Car reviews

car reviews

Can't decide between an MPV or an SUV? Looking at hatchbacks but unsure as to which one to go for? See what other parents think by checking out Mumsnet's family car reviews.