Support for Mumsnet We Believe You campaign


We believe youWe've had lots of messages of support for our campaign to raise awareness about rape. Thanks to everyone who is helping to spread the word.

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Messages of support

David Cameron, Prime Minister:

"This Government is committed to tackling violence against woman and girls in our society, including providing up to £10.5 million for existing rape support centres as well as developing new ones in areas where there are gaps in provision. It's vitally important that these issues are kept on the agenda - rape is an abhorrent crime - and that is why I support Mumsnet's "We believe you" campaign.

Everyone who has been raped, sexually assaulted or attacked has to know they will be believed and taken seriously so they come forward to get the help and support they need. Once again Mumsnet is helping to raise awareness of a very real and serious issue that we all need to address."

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister

"Shattering the myths that continue to persist around rape and consent is essential if we are to protect potential victims and ensure voices are heard.

Rape is not just about violence and strangers and it is never the fault of victims themselves. These myths should be challenged until no-one is left in any doubt about what constitutes rape and victims can testify without fear or prejudice. I fully support the steps Mumsnet are taking and wish them success in their campaign."

Ed Miliband MP, leader of the Labour Party

"Rape is a very serious crime and it's incredibly important that we challenge the myths that make it harder for victims to come forward and for rapists to be convicted. I'd like to congratulate Mumsnet for its excellent work in exposing these myths and campaigning to support the victims of rape seek justice." 

Lynne Featherstone, Equalities Minister:

"Rape and sexual violence are devastating crimes with devastating consequences so I applaud Mumsnet for launching this campaign.
"This government is serious about keeping women and girls safe, including taking action to stop crimes against women occurring in the first place. That is why we have been working hard to change attitudes and behaviours, through, for example, a powerful new TV advertising campaign launched last week which challenges young people to think about what constitutes rape and consent.
"Our efforts to tackle rape and sexual violence are much more effective when government, the police, support organisations and women themselves work together, which is why Mumsnet’s involvement is important. We all want every report of rape to be taken seriously from the point of disclosure, every victim to be treated with dignity, and investigations and prosecutions to be conducted thoroughly and professionally. Nothing less will do."

Alison Saunders, Chief Crown Prosecutor for London

"I welcome this campaign by Mumsnet highlighting the extent of rape and sexual assault, and the obstacles that society puts in front of those who report them. Rape and sexual assault are dreadful crimes and ones that are often difficult for someone to report because of fear, shame and embarrassment. 

"As the Mumsnet survey shows, victims can also be reticent to come forward for fear of being demonised in court and even in the media. I support the message of the We Believe You campaign, its aim to raise awareness of the extent of these crimes, and to challenge preconceptions." 

Holly Dustin, director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition

"The survey findings show clearly that sexual violence is far more widespread in women's lives than commonly thought, and that prejudicial reporting in the media and negative public attitudes have a harmful impact.

"We want to see ongoing public campaigns to tackle attitudes to sexual violence, and work with young people in schools to prevent harmful behaviours developing in the first place. It is also critical that all women and girls have access to Rape Crisis centres or other specialist support services in their community."

Katie Russell, on behalf of Rape Crisis (England and Wales)

"Rape Crisis (England and Wales) is pleased to support Mumsnet in its We Believe You campaign. The findings of the Mumsnet survey reflect the frontline experience of our member Rape Crisis Centres across the country, and we welcome this campaign's determination to dispel the negative myths and misconceptions that prevent women and girls from accessing the support they want, need and deserve." 

Anne Marie Carrie, chief executive of Barnardos

"Raising awareness of sexual abuse is vital if we are to tackle the issue in all its forms, whether it be the sexual exploitation of children and young people or the rape and sexual assault of women."

Javed Khan, Chief Executive of Victim Support

“Despite improvements in the treatment of rape victims and some success in improving conviction rates, there is still a very long way to go until we can be confident that all rape victims get the justice they deserve. On top of this, public attitudes towards rape are in some cases still in the Dark Ages. So we applaud Mumsnet for launching the ‘We believe you’ campaign and support them in their aim of raising awareness of the reality of rape and in giving women the confidence to stand up and get the help and support they need.”


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