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As part of our We Believe You campaign we're supporting Barnardo's, who are calling for your help to protect children at risk of sexual exploitation. Here, they tell us why.

Barnardo's is proud to be supporting Mumsnet's We Believe You campaign. Raising awareness of sexual abuse is vital if we are to tackle the issue in all its forms; whether it be the sexual exploitation of children and young people or the rape and sexual assault of women.

Cut them free, Barnardo's campaign to cut children and young people free from sexual exploitation, is calling on local politicians to do all they can to tackle this horrific form of abuse in our communities.

Despite commitments from the Government, not nearly enough is being done at local level to tackle the issue - with only half of all local authorities in England currently signed up to our campaign, committing to put a plan in place to tackle the issue. We think that's unacceptable. Don't you?

Make your voice heard 

All you need to do is enter your postcode here to send a message to your local politicians demanding they take action and join the fight against child sexual exploitation.

It only takes a minute but can help make a real difference to vulnerable children at risk.


Statistics from Barnados

  • Last year, Barnardo's supported over 1,100 children who were being sexually exploited.  There are no firm figures for the total number of children affected across the whole of the UK – but it is likely to be far greater
  • The number of sexually exploited children Barnardo's works with grew last year by 8.4% to 1,190
  • Majority of child victims of sexual exploitation we work with are girls, but 1 in 10 of the children we supported last year were boys
  • Nearly half (44%) of the children have gone missing from home
  • 1 in 3 services has seen a marked increase in peer-to-peer exploitation
  • Acknowledgement and recognition of the issue still remains patchy; and our awareness raising work is under significant pressure in the current financial climate. Last year our awareness raising work was reduced by 30% due to funding cuts
  • Young children of any background could be targeted for this abuse, some of our services are now working with children as young as 10.


Last updated: 2 months ago