Myth 5: children with autism are unaffectionate geniuses

"If you've met one child with autism, you really only know one child with autism." Mumsnetter sickofsocalledexperts

There's a whole host of myths around particular characteristics that are associated in the public's mind with autism.

People on the autistic spectrum are as loving, affectionate and imaginative as any other person. Some are very comfortable making eye contact; others may not be.

Current thinking holds that at most one or two in 200 individuals with autism may have an extraordinary talent. (Source: National Autistic Society)

  • "My daughter must be great at maths and very serious because she has autism spectrum disorder. Err, no." FanjoForTheMammaries
  • "Autism Spectrum Disorder really is a spectrum, and each child presents differently. Those labelled as 'high functioning' may have better communication abilities than those with classic autism, but they can still be severely affected by their difficulties. Girls in particular can be very clever at hiding their issues, and on average are diagnosed a lot later than boys as even professionals will not always see the issues easily." Beautifulgirls

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August 2013

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