This Is My Child: how much do you really know?

If you know a child's diagnosis, that's really all you know. You can't tell a lot about a person's potential and capacity from their diagnosis alone. 

"There is a spectrum of ability with Down's Syndrome, just like any other child. So please don't make assumptions about my daughter." Proudmum74

People with disabilities have hugely varying capacities and potential. Whether or not they reach their full potential will depend a lot on how much support and help they (and their parents) can access.

Some of the world's most extraordinary figures are thought to have had autism, including Mozart and Newton. However, according to a 2008 survey, just 15% of adults with autism are in full-time paid employment. (Source: National Autistic Society))

Many people with a learning disability want to work and can make a huge contribution to the workplace with the right support. They also want the same things as other people: the opportunity to earn their own money, meet new people and take control of their own lives. More often than not, the opportunities are simply not available to them.

People with a learning disability face many barriers to employment, including the prejudices of employers and a lack of good quality employment support to help them prepare for, find and hold down a job. (Source: MENCAP)

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August 2013

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