Messages of support for Better Miscarriage Care campaign at its launch in 2012

Better miscarriage careWe were thrilled to receive so many messages of support from individuals and organisations working in the field of miscarriage care when we launched our campaign. Here they are, in full.


"We recognize that miscarriage can be a very difficult experience, and we're very pleased that Mumsnet is lobbying for an improvements in care for women who miscarry. We think the Mumsnet Miscarriage Code of Care stands to improve services in this area, and we wish the campaign every success."
The Royal College of General Practitioners

"Miscarriage, as we know, has a physical and psychological impact on women and their families; this is why it is important that a clear pathway for caring for women experiencing miscarriage is in place and understood by all clinicians. The RCM welcomes Mumsnet's code of care, which challenges service providers to act in the best interest of women at a most difficult time for them."
Cathy Warwick, general secretary, Royal College of Midwives

"Miscarriage can be a devastating time for parents, but there are things that could be done to make it easier. I'm very glad that Mumsnet is raising miscarriage care as an issue, and completely support the principles of their Code of Care."
Dr Melanie Davies, MRCOG, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, University College Hospital, London

"Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy are very distressing for women and their partners.  The provision of clear and detailed information, supportive staff and access to appropriate diagnostic tools and treatment are all essential in helping women and their partners through this difficult time.  The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust welcomes the Mumsnet Code of Care as it highlights the needs of women and the current inconsistency of national care.  It provides an excellent foundation upon which to build a broader code for all early pregnancy complications."
Helen Wilkinson, Director, The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

"I am delighted to support the Mumsnet campaign to improve standards of Miscarriage Care.  Miscarriage is deeply distressing for the 1 in 4 mothers who will lose their baby at some point during pregnancy. We need to do everything in our power to ensure that the highest standards of miscarriage care are available consistently across the UK, so that no parents find their grief at losing a pregnancy compounded by care that falls short."
Prof. Lesley Regan FROG, Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Imperial College London

"Once again, Mumsnet has highlighted the distress felt by so many mums when they suffer a miscarriage; sadly one in four mums will miscarry at some point during pregnancy and Tommy's thinks this is unacceptably high. More research is needed to understand what goes wrong and to treat those affected and very high standards of care delivered by many health professionals needs to be consistently applied across the UK." 
Jane Brewin, chief executive, Tommy's

"Unfortunately, miscarriage, like infertility, is vastly misunderstood by many people including health professionals who underestimate the impact a miscarriage can have. It is vital that anyone experiencing miscarriage has access to good information and effective treatment and that they receive the right support from trained staff who understand the psychological effect it can have on both the woman and her partner and we hope this campaign will lead to improvements in the way patients are treated following a miscarriage. The right support and understanding can make a real difference and help patients to cope with what can be a hugely traumatic experience."
Susan Seenan, deputy chief executive of the national charity, Infertility Network UK

"Miscarriage is extremely distressing for any woman. Many of the issues raised by the Mumsnet miscarriage code of care are fundamental. Women with a possible miscarriage should never have to wait in an antenatal environment and once a miscarriage has been confirmed there must be communication among professionals to prevent the upset caused by being chased for further appointments or nuchal scans. Women should be offered different treatment options, but for non-surgical approaches they also must be given realistic information about what is involved, have adequate analgesia and access to care should they run into problems.

"The Mumsnet code of care highlights the need for there to be trained skilled staff available to deal with women who are suffering from complications in early pregnancy. These staff must be skilled not only in the diagnosis and physical management of miscarriage, but also be fully conversant with the psychological impact of these events on both the women and her partner. I hope the code of practice helps set standards for early pregnancy care in the UK.

"Possible miscarriage is one of the most common reasons women are seen in hospital, the Mumsnet code of practice addresses some of the fundamental principals involved in caring for women at this difficult time and is to be applauded."
Professor Tom Bourne, consultant gynaecologist, Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital Imperial College NHS Trust, London

Who's getting miscarriage care right?

Although this thread and the results of our miscarriage survey show that, too often, miscarriage care is falling short, there is some good news.

Some Mumsnetters praised their local A&E staff, and had also found hospital chaplains very supportive.

St James University Hospital, Leeds, and St Mary's Hospital, Manchester, were hospitals cited as examples of great care.

This is really encouraging, and demonstrates that it is possible to lessen the trauma of miscarriage by putting the principles outlined in the Mumsnet Code of Care into practice.

"I'm very supportive of Mumsnet's Miscarriage Care Campaign - the financial crisis in the NHS makes it all the more vital that adequate resources are allocated to women who have miscarried."
Siobhan Quenby, professor of obstetrics
, Division of Reproductive Health, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick

"Mumsnet is to be applauded for campaigning on this issue, and raising the profile of miscarriage care on behalf of the many women who sadly experience early pregnancy loss in this country every year. Miscarriage can be a very traumatic event for parents, but there are things which can be done to make it less so."
Dr Andrew Horne, clinical senior lecturer and consultant gynaecologist, MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, University of Edinburgh

"Wellbeing of Women supports the Mumsnet miscarriage campaign to ensure all women receive the best possible care at a very difficult time. However, we do acknowledge that health services provide the best care that their current structure allows."
Karina Coats, Wellbeing of Women

"Miscarriage can be a very distressing and frightening experience. Good and sensitive medical and nursing care can make a positive difference at a difficult time. The Miscarriage Association welcomes all opportunities to review and improve miscarriage care and treatment and works with patients, health professionals and other related organisations to achieve this."
Ruth Bender Atik, National Director, The Miscarriage Association

"As a charity that works with bereaved parents, FSID wholeheartedly supports Mumsnet's campaign for better care for women who experience the trauma of losing a baby. Lack of support, insensitivity and inconsistency of care will always compound and prolong the grief of mothers and their families. We hope this campaign will act as an impetus for change in attitudes and practice."
Francine Bates OBE, Chief Executive, Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths

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