Refugee crisis: get governments in the UK and the EU to take action

Mumsnetters asked us to help them take action on the current refugee crisis. Following on from this thread, we're backing Save the Children's campaign to persuade the government to allow more child refugees into the UK, and to persuade EU member states to sign a five-point plan to tackle the crisis. Read on to find out more about the campaign, and how you can help.


Put pressure on UK politicians to accept 3000 unaccompanied child refugees

Thousands of children are arriving in Europe unaccompanied by adults. Demand has overtaken the care services in Greece, Turkey and Serbia, leaving the children highly vulnerable - not least to people traffickers. According to the Italian Ministry of Interior, of the 13,026 unaccompanied children who arrived in the country in 2014, 3,707 disappeared soon afterwards.

How you can help: Phone or email your MP and ask them to put pressure on the government to welcome 3000 child refugees to the UK.

Tell EU governments to deal with the crisis, both in Europe and at source

Save the Children and Mumsnetters want EU governments to sign up to a five-point plan for dealing with the crisis:

1. Maintain search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean
2. Provide safe and legal routes into Europe and returns policies that respect the rights of children
3. Provide proper reception and support
4. Do more to relocate and resettle refugees
5. Tackle the root causes of unsafe migration

(For more details, read the plan in full or see this post.)

How you can help: Sign the petition asking EU governments to implement the five-point plan.

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Read the campaign thread

Practical ways you can help


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