Mumsnet's Nestle Boycott

Mumsnet users have consistently told us that they do not want us to take advertising from formula manufacturers who behave irresponsibly in the context of developing countries. Consequently we refuse all ads for formula milk, and advertising from Nestle-controlled companies and those with 'Nes' branding (eg Nescafe). 

However, as an advertising-funded business it’s not viable for us to refuse advertising from the hundreds of companies in which Nestle has relatively small (less than 50%) stakes. We have turned down a lot of potential advertising revenue from Nestle, as well as all the other formula milk brands, and we are more than happy to do that. In an ideal world we would never accept an ad from any company in which Nestle had the smallest interest. Indeed, it would be nice to not have to accept any advertising at all, but we are realistic about what we can do, and we think that our stance allows us to raise awareness about Nestle and make our point.Boycott Nestle

This policy is based on Mumsnet users' thoughts, so please do, as ever, let us know your views.

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