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Better Miscarriage Care campaign: patient stories

Better miscarriage careCan you share your experience?

As a continuation of our Better Miscarriage Care campaign, we're asking MNers to tell us about their recent miscarriage experiences, and how their healthcare measured up against our Code of Care (as well as anything else you'd like to comment on). We're working with Patient Opinion for this exercise; you can see more about how they manage your information here.

We wanted to trial this approach for a couple of reasons. People who upload their stories may get official responses from the relevant heathcare trusts, enabling trusts to improve their performance and identify weak points. It will also be useful for us at MNHQ in identifying which parts of the Code of Care are still not being implemented, and help us to plan the next phase of the campaign.

So if you feel able and willing to share, do please add your story below. You don't have to use your Mumsnet name if you'd rather not.




Last updated: over 3 years ago