Miscarriage Care Campaign

Miscarriage Care campaignThousands of women have used Mumsnet to share heartbreaking stories of miscarriage care falling short. Like everyone else, we believe the NHS should provide effective, responsive care and treatment to the one in five pregnancies that ends in miscarriage, but while some trusts provide great care, unfortunately, others do not.

The Mumsnet Miscarriage Care campaign aims to ensure that all miscarrying women get the good, respectful, empathetic care that they need.

Latest: 2019 survey shows over 40% of women who miscarry are unhappy with their care

VIDEO: Why we need the Miscarriage Care Campaign

We've made a short video to explain why the Miscarriage Care Campaign is so important. Have a look, and if you like it, please help spread the word far and wide by sharing it on social media.

Facts about miscarriage care

Our survey of over 1000 Mumsnet users showed that the treatment and support women receive following a miscarriage fails to meet official guidelines. Here are seven of the most startling shortfalls.

Our supporters

We've had lots of messages of support for our campaign to improve miscarriage care. Find out here who's helping us spread the word, and see how you can help support the campaign as well. 

Miscarriage Care: your stories


We asked our Mumsnet bloggers to share their own stories and experiences of miscarriage care – read them here. 

Get involved

We need your help. Find out what you can do to help support the campaign, and make things better for miscarrying women. 

How has miscarriage care changed?


Find out how miscarriage provision in the UK has changed since our campaign began – and where there's still some way to go.

Understanding miscarriage

What you need to know: Find out about the reasons miscarriages occur, common risk factors, and what to do if you think it's happening to you – and speak to other parents in the same situation.

Practical advice on how to cope

Everyone's miscarriage experience will be different, but it can be helpful to know, in general terms, what you can expect – and how best to deal with it.

Miscarriage Care: our survey results

Have a look at the results of our survey into Mumsnet users' experiences of miscarriage care in the UK.

The Code of Care in full

We drew up our Code of Care after after extensive consultation with Mumsnetters, and campaigning organisations working in this area. See the full guidelines here.