Libel reform: success at last

Free speechAfter a long campaign supported by Mumsnet, the bill to reform England's outdated libel laws has finally been passed in Parliament.

We're very proud to have been part of an inspiring coalition of scientists, academics, politicians, activists and community groups, who fought hard to rebalance a situation that had protected powerful interests for too long.

Justine, Mumsnet co-founder and CEO, says: "As a long-time member of the Libel Reform Campaign, Mumsnet warmly welcomes the passage of the Defamation Bill. It's not perfect, but we applaud the hard work of everyone involved, and are very happy to have been a part of this much-needed reform."

Thanks so much to all the Mumsnetters who signed petitions, lobbied their MPs and generally made a fuss about this.

Please continue to watch this space, and share your thoughts on the latest developments in the Campaigns section of Talk.


Last updated: over 5 years ago