Guest Campaigns: October 2017

Here at MNHQ, we think it makes sense to use the not-inconsiderable might of the Mumsnet collective for the greater good. That's why we regularly exchange links and public support with charities and pressure groups in areas Mumsnetters are interested in, such as special needs provision, child poverty, childcare, parenting, breastfeeding, maternity care and relationship support.

Breast Cancer Haven

breast cancer haven

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Haven are celebrating you; whether you have had breast cancer, supported someone who has, volunteered or fundraised for the cause. Breast Cancer Haven have brought together amazing people who have been affected by breast cancer to share their stories.

Breast cancer affects everyone differently. No one gets through it without facing their own personal, physical and emotional challenges. At Breast Cancer Haven, they understand that breast cancer is something you have, not who you are. Breast Cancer Haven work with our visitors to build a free personalised programme of care to help them through their toughest times and find themselves again.

To find out more click here

Unseen: Let's Nail It

Let's nail it: handcuffed hands painting nails

This year Unseen have teamed up with The British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC) to work with salons and the public to raise awareness of the problem of modern slavery in the beauty industry, and help stop exploitation nail bars for good.

As part of the Let’s Nail It campaign, running between 16th and 23rd of October, Unseen are asking Mumsnetters to get involved by getting to know the tell-tale signs of modern slavery, speaking to their beauty therapists about this hidden crime and raising awareness to help others make informed decisions.

Join them in putting two fingers up to slavery in nail salons and help to drive change in the beauty industry.

To find out more click here.

Hope for Children

hope for children donation request

The Head Held High appeal is raising funds to improve access to quality education for vulnerable children in Africa. Every pound donated by the UK public before 23 December 2017 will be matched by the UK Government, which means any donations will have double the impact.

Funds raised by the Head Held High appeal will transform the lives of at least 1,500 children living in extreme poverty in Ghana & East Africa by ensuring they have access to a quality education. Together, Hope for Children can help these children break free from poverty and live their lives with their heads held high.

For more information, please visit their campaign page.

Send a Cow

Send a cow

Being a mother is a tough job, especially when you live in one of the poorest regions in Africa.

This autumn, Send a Cow is asking you to support mothers across Africa so they can give their children the best start in life. In sub-Saharan Africa, one in three children are stunted as a result of poor nutrition. That’s why we need to enable mothers to grow their own nutritious food to feed their families. And the UK Government will match every pound raised in the appeal until 31 December 2017 – so your money will have double the impact!

To find out more, visit their website.

Hope and Homes for Children

Hope and Homes End the Silence

When a baby in an orphanage cries nobody comes to comfort them. As a result, they learn not to cry. Internalising their pain, they suffer lifelong mental and physical damage. Deprived of love, deprived of life. Left to grow up without laughter, without music. These children will never experience the love and protection of a family.

End the Silence asks people to share the musical memories from their childhood. By joining the world’s leading music talent in adding your musical memory, you will be helping to end the silence for the 8 million children confined to orphanages worldwide.

Every pound donated to the End the Silence campaign before 27th December will be matched by the UK Government.

Find out more and donate here.


James and his mother holding fight EB sign

James Dunn is 24-years-old and terminally ill. He has Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) – a genetic skin condition which causes his skin to blister and tear at the slightest touch.

James needs to be bandaged from the neck down to guard his skin. It takes three hours every other day to change his bandages.

James is in constant pain and his skin itches uncontrollably.

James does not want future generations to experience the same pain as he does now. His mission is to raise as much money as possible that can be used to help find a cure, as well as raise awareness of the condition.

To find out more please visit DEBRA's website.

The Urology Foundation


Incontinence, diet and Lycra: With sperm count on the decline and 20 million in the UK suffering from incontinence, The Urology Foundation want us to stop being embarrassed and take ownership of our urological health.

This expert-led campaign addresses two topics:

  1. The devastating impacts of incontinence after childbirth and the damaging side effects of suffering in silence from bladder illness.
  2. Falling sperm becoming the new normal, exploring the impact that diet and lifestyle has on fertility chances.

Take a quiz, watch the videos, read about the support and hear other people’s stories. You are not alone! You can find out more about this campaign here.

Mumsnet campaigns

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