Guest Campaigns November 2016

Here at MNHQ, we think it makes sense to use the not-inconsiderable might of the Mumsnet collective for the greater good. That's why we regularly exchange links and public support with charities and pressure groups in areas Mumsnetters are interested in, such as special needs provision, child poverty, childcare, parenting, breastfeeding, maternity care and relationship support.

Save the Children

Every child deserves the best start in life. But in England now, many children aren't getting the support they need to reach their potential.

Many nurseries and childcare providers are already doing a heroic job. But many are struggling to afford qualified early years teachers to make sure every child has the support they need for their learning and development. These nurseries need more support to be the best they can be, especially in the most disadvantaged parts of the country. An early-years teacher supporting a team of well-qualified staff in every nursery could transform children's early language skills and readiness for school. But two in five independently-run nurseries aren't able to employ a single early-years teacher.

Save the Children say it's time for the government to invest in children's futures by making sure they have a qualified early years teacher in every nursery.

National Autistic Society

Did you know that just 16% of autistic people are in paid full-time employment? 

These figures recently revealed by the National Autistic Society show the enormity of the employment gap, and their new film Could You Stand the Rejection? aims to raise awareness to employers that they should judge a candidate on their abilities, not their autism. The film puts viewers in the shoes of Autistic actor Max Green and shows how sometimes autistic people can be overwhelmed with too much information. Watch the film and sign the petition to help close the employment gap now.

Global Hygiene Council

More than 3 million children under 5 years old will die from infectious diseases next year. 

To raise awareness and help prevent unnecessary illness, the Global Hygiene Council have launched their "Small Steps for Big Change" campaign. The 5-step plan, developed by worldwide GHC experts, aims to improve hygiene so that common infectious illnesses such as colds, influenza and diarrhoea are prevented. Watch the new video from the GHC for the 5 steps on improving hygiene.

Pregnancy Twinning

Pregnancy Twinning are seeking mums who want to help save the lives of other mothers around the world. 

Last Christmas season, over 350 new mothers died during pregnancy or childbirth in Malawi. That's over 60 times more than in the UK! It doesn't need to be this way - most of these tragedies are avoidable and you can help. Pledge to take one of Pregnancy Twinning's four actions to keep mums safe this Christmas -- see the below animation for more details on one of them!

Your pledges will show that nobody needs to face their pregnancy fears alone. Through the power of mums helping mums, we face them together.


Do you think children with Down's syndrome should be hidden away? That's what some leading academics were calling for not long ago.

Watch Mencap's new film to see Casey, a DJ with attitude (oh, and Down's syndrome too), destroy that view in his own skilful way.

Learning disability has been invisible for too long. Mencap say: it's time to see people with a learning disability for all they are, and all they can be.

Ghana Health and Education Initiative

In order to thrive, young children need cognitive stimulation, good nutrition, and an absence of recurrent infections. To meet these needs, the Ghana Health and Education Initiative's Mother Mentor programme pairs first-time pregnant women in Ghana with experienced mothers in the local community who serve as 'Mother Mentors', working with young families to maximize their baby's health and cognitive development. 

With just £1,200, GHEI can sponsor a family for two years, but any contributions towards this total will make a huge difference to the life of a young family in rural Ghana. Donations of any size can be made through their online fundraiser, here.  

Young Women's Trust

Despite girls on average doing better at school, more young women are out of work and stuck in low-paid jobs than men and more than half of young women say they lack self-confidence. The Young Women's Trust Awards will encourage confidence amongst young women by recognising the drive, resilience and determination most young women need to find and stay in work.

"Young Women's Trust is a banner of hope. These awards will recognise young women who have worked really hard to overcome barriers to work. Make sure you nominate someone you know!" (Gladys) 

African Initiatives

In the Maasai communities of Tanzania, girls as young as 12 can be married to men 5 times their age and taken out of school. Many fall pregnant before their bodies are ready.

Educating girls is the key to ending early forced marriage and the cycle of poverty.

AI's project focuses on the transition between primary and secondary school, when most forced marriages occur. Girls who attend our residential summer school don't have to travel many miles every day just to get to class and are less likely to drop out. They also go on to perform better academically, raising their confidence and aspirations. 

We're harnessing the might of Mumsnet and putting it behind causes close to your heart. They range from This Is My Child and Let Girls Be Girls, to our Miscarriage Care and We Believe You campaigns and our campaign to change how Britain's libel laws affect online publishers like us.

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