Guest campaigns: July 2017

Here at MNHQ, we think it makes sense to use the not-inconsiderable might of the Mumsnet collective for the greater good. That's why we regularly exchange links and public support with charities and pressure groups in areas Mumsnetters are interested in, such as special needs provision, child poverty, childcare, parenting, breastfeeding, maternity care and relationship support.

Spread a Smile

Our mission at Spread a Smile is simple; to make a real difference to the lives of seriously ill children, teenagers and their families by providing entertainment in hospital as well as taking the whole family on special days out.

We take magicians, musicians, poets, fairies, artists, face painters and pet therapy dogs into children’s and teenage wards at four hospitals: Great Ormond Street, University College Hospital London, The Royal London and St. Mary’s, to bring much needed joy and laughter to these courageous children and teenagers.

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Global Action Plan

National Clean Air Day is a campaign to raise awareness of the simple things we can do to improve air quality and look after our own and other people’s health.

Air pollution is real and harms the health of millions. Unlike other risks to our health, lots of people don’t know what causes air pollution, what effects it has on our bodies or how to reduce our exposure to it.

National Clean Air Day is a chance to find out more about air pollution, share information and take action to make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone.

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Dementia Friends

Dementia doesn’t care who you are; it could affect us all. Because public understanding is so poor, people with dementia often feel – and are – misunderstood, marginalised and isolated.

You can help change this by uniting with Alzheimer’s Society and joining 2 million others to become a Dementia Friend.
Being a Dementia Friend simply means learning more about the condition, putting yourself in the shoes of someone living with dementia, and turning that understanding into action. From visiting someone you know with dementia to being more patient in a shop queue, every action counts.

Become a Dementia Friend today.


Dangerously high air pollution is putting lives at risk. New research reveals the harm toxic air has on children’s growing lungs.

In the UK, air pollution has been at illegal levels since 2010 and is a public health emergency.

We know diesel vehicles are responsible for 90% of pollution from roads, and even the newest diesel cars are emitting a lot more pollution than allowed.

Greenpeace is campaigning for clean air, and calling for car makers to ditch diesel, and switch to electric, and for government to support urgent transformation away from diesel and towards hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Kazzum is an arts organisation in East London that brings playful performance to young people wherever they are. To reach these very important people we work in unusual places. You’ll find us cheering up a ward full of children in hospital, popping up in a local adventure playground or putting on a show by the sheep at a city farm. You can also find us at festivals across the UK and working with refugees and disabled people. Our vision is that every young person has the opportunity to reach their creative potential and we work hard to remove barriers (physical, social or financial) that prevents creative engagement.

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Mumsnet campaigns

We're harnessing the might of Mumsnet and putting it behind causes close to your heart. They range from This Is My Child and Let Girls Be Girls, to our Miscarriage Care and We Believe You campaigns, and our campaign to change how Britain's libel laws affect online publishers like us.

Your input is vital, so please do keep contributing your ideas and observations on the campaigns topic in Talk.