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Here at MNHQ, we think it makes sense to use the not-inconsiderable might of the Mumsnet collective for the greater good. That's why we regularly exchange links and public support with charities and pressure groups in areas Mumsnetters are interested in, such as special needs provision, child poverty, childcare, parenting, breastfeeding, maternity care and relationship support.

Every month, we highlight as many as 8 Guest Campaigns by charities or not-for-profit organisations. You can read all about our July 2015 Guest Campaigns below.


Talking RedTalking Red

Talking Red is The Haemophilia Society's campaign to inform women about bleeding disorders - what symptoms to look out for, and where to go for practical support and medical advice.
Tens of thousands of women in the UK are unaware they have a bleeding disorder.
Symptoms include heavy and prolonged periods, frequent nosebleeds, easy bruising and prolonged bleeding after a cut, procedure or childbirth.
Talking Red activities include Paint it RED, where women are asked to paint their nails red in support of the campaign, and Red Knickers Night, where women are asked to be bold for bleeding disorders!

Group B Strep - Why guess when you can test?

Group B strep is a normal bacterium carried by around 2 to 3 women in every 10, without symptoms. Although rarely a problem for the pregnant woman, it can be passed from a mother to her baby around birth with potentially devastating consequences.
Every day a newborn baby in the UK develops group B strep infection, most commonly septicaemia, pneumonia and meningitis. Most of these infections are preventable.
#WhyGuess? Finding out about group B Strep during your pregnancy is good news. A safe and simple group B Strep-specific test, known as the ECM test, in later stages of pregnancy can accurately detect who is carrying the bacteria so preventative action can be taken.
Not all NHS Trusts offer a GBS-specific test.


Report it to Stop itReport it

The Metropolitan Police Service, British Transport Police, City of London Police and Transport for London, are encouraging passengers to report any unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport. The "Report it to Stop it" campaign uses a short film, showing a woman experiencing escalating incidents of unwanted sexual behaviour on a Tube. Viewers are encouraged to decide at which point they would choose to report it to the police. The campaign follows a 2013 TfL survey, which revealed that while 1 in 10 Londoners experience unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport, over 90% did not report it to the police.


Right Chair Right Time Right Now 

Wheelchairs enable many people to live happier, fuller lives and yet the wheelchair services provided by the NHS often fall short of meeting the needs of users despite best efforts from clinicians and wheelchair services.
To redress this, the Wheelchair Leadership Alliance was formed in January 2015 under the leadership of one of the UK's best known Paralympic athletes, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson. This Alliance is a commitment group campaigning for a better deal for wheelchair users and aims to transform the quality and effectiveness of services across England.

Children Today fund specialist equipment to give disabled children the same opportunities and independence that other children enjoy.  
7 year old Mario has hemiplegia which means he is weak on the right side of his body and unable to ride a standard bike.  Mario felt left out as he couldn’t play out with his friends. Children Today were able to fund a specially designed trike for Mario’s needs.  
Children Today relies totally on fundraising to carry out its work.  

Mumsnet CampaignsRosie the Riveter

We're harnessing the might of Mumsnet and putting it behind causes close to your heart.

They range from This Is My Child and Let Girls Be Girls, to our Miscarriage Care and We Believe You campaigns and our campaign to change how Britain's libel laws affect online publishers like us.

Your input is vital, so please do keep contributing your ideas and observations on the Campaigns topic in Talk.

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