Guest Campaigns: December 2019

rosie campaign

Here at MNHQ, we think it makes sense to use the not-inconsiderable might of the Mumsnet collective for the greater good. That's why we regularly exchange links and public support with charities and pressure groups in areas Mumsnetters are interested in, such as special needs provision, child poverty, childcare, parenting, breastfeeding, maternity care and relationship support.

The Fire Brigades Union, Surrey – Truth About Zane

Surrey Fire Brigades Union and professional firefighters across Surrey demand the truth for Zane and his family. Their members were the first responders to this tragic incident and had to protect themselves against the detected toxic gas – Hydrogen Cyanide. Where was Zane’s protection? Where was the protection for the many other affected residents, including his parents – Nicole and Kye?

Zane and his family were let down, and The Fire Brigades Union members are angry and appalled by the handing of this tragedy, they demand an independent enquiry to find and the real truth and allow Zane to finally rest in peace.

To find out more visit their website.

Health Poverty Action – Happy Mums, Happy Tums

One of the biggest challenges mums face in rural Sierra Leone is accessing a balanced and nutritious diet to give their babies and young children the best start in life. The Happy Mums, Happy Tums project in rural Sierra Leone aims to make long-term changes to nutrition and health within rural communities, reaching over 6,000 women and children. They’ll support community-led initiatives which provide sustainable sources of nutritious food for mums, their children and the community.

Double the impact you can make by giving to Health Poverty Action’s ‘Happy Mums, Happy Tums’ campaign before 31st December 2019 and the UK government will double your donation.

Find out more on their website.

SafeHands – #WeHeartMidwives

“Tablets and films allow first-time mothers to learn from the real-life experiences of other women” asserts midwife Mastewale. Despite limited electricity, Mastewale regularly screens films on childbirth thanks to a solar tablet.

Mastewale works in the dusty villages of Amhara, Ethiopia, where women may walk up to 10 kilometres in labour to reach the nearest health centre. She urges women to make the journey before labour. Giving birth at home is risky and can be fatal.

#WeHeartMidwives puts solar tablets into the hands of midwives like Mastewale to deliver essential antenatal care to women in hard-to-reach areas with little or no electricity.

“They make our work more efficient and help us raise awareness.”