Gay. Let's Get Over It: support for the campaign

We've teamed up with Stonewall for the Gay. Let's Get Over It campaign, which aims to tackle the use of homophobic language in schools, in particular the misuse of the word 'gay'. A number of celebrities and politicians have lent their support to the campaign. Take a look at what they've said.


Nick CleggDeputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says: "Casual and commonplace prejudice are often the hardest to tackle. While violence and aggression are obvious, words are too often seen as harmless, a joke, a bit of banter.

"But throwaway remarks accumulate - they prop up stereotypes and cause real harm in our children. I commend this campaign for making us think about the things we say and treat each other with respect."


Jo SwinsonWomen and Equalities Minister Jo Swinson says: "Using homophobic language is unacceptable, in school or anywhere else. It can be offensive and highly distressing and all young people can feel its effects.

"I'm really pleased that Stonewall and Mumsnet are raising awareness of this important issue and challenging the use of this language, which has become so commonplace in our school playgrounds."


WIll YoungPop star Will Young, who is fronting the campaign, says: "The word 'gay' is currently used as one of the worst insults by young people of all ages in Britain's schools. It's clear from the shocking levels of self-harm and suicide among gay young people that we're failing an entire generation. It’s time to take a stand and put a stop to this deeply damaging use of homophobic language."


Responses on Twitter

MPs Diane Abbott and Angela Eagle, Tory Peer Tina Stowell, singer Beverley Knight and Coronation Street actress Jennie McAlpine have all tweeted their support for the campaign:

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