Gay. Let's Get Over It: resources

So you think your child is gay?Stonewall has lots of resouces for parents and schools to tackle homophobic language and support young people who are or might be gay, lesbian or bisexual.

Here are three PDFs you can download for yourself or a school.

Guide for parents

If you're a parent wondering whether your child might be gay, download this guide to find out how best to support them.


Guide for schools

You don't need to have a gay child to ensure that a school is taking sufficient measures to tackle the use of homophobic language. This guide is full of information and practical advice to help schools combat what is an endemic form of homophobia.


Handy book

If you hear your own child or their friends misusing the word 'gay', this handy book is great for helping them understand why this sort of language is unacceptable.


Staying Safe Online guide

A lot of homophobic bullying takes place online - help your child get clued up about staying safe on the Internet


Last updated: about 3 years ago