Gay. Let's Get Over It: get involved

call to actPhrases like "it's so gay" and "you're so gay" are often used casually, but in reality cause offence and distress.

Stonewall has developed guides for teachers and pupils to help tackle the problem head on - if you want to get involved, please encourage your children's school (primary and secondary) to download the resource pack and start using.


Tweet your school

You can tweet your own school using their Twitter handle by copy and pasting this message:

@[schoolhandle] Want to join @MumsnetTowers & @stonewalluk in tackling homophobic language at school? #GetOverIt


Put up posters

Stonewall's iconic 'some people are gay. Get over it!' posters have appeared on thousands of buses, and your children's school now has the opportunity to display their three newest designs. Download the posters here, print them off and get distributing!


Share on social media

Do share on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ - the more people know about the campaign the more we can try to challenge unacceptable language and change the culture of our schools.


Send a letter

If you like your communications a little more conventional, you can copy and paste the below text and send a letter to your children's school, either by printing it off or via email:

[Enter the name and address of your old or local school's head teacher – you can use this website to find the details:]

[Enter the date]

Dear [head teacher name],

As [a parent of a current or former pupil/a governor of the school/an ex-pupil/a local resident – delete as appropriate/insert your own description], I am writing to ask what [school name here] is doing to tackle homophobic language.

I have recently seen research from Stonewall which found that 99% of gay young people hear the use of homophobic language and phrases such as "that's so gay" and "you're so gay" in schools.

Their research also found that this use of language not only affects gay young people's self-esteem but also creates a school culture where any young person perceived as different is at risk of bullying.

In order to tackle this use of language, Stonewall, in partnership with Mumsnet, has launched a new campaign to tackle homophobic language. They've produced a new series of posters and guides for pupils and staff to help them to challenge homophobic language in school. These guides show that tackling homophobic language doesn't have to be difficult as long as you've got the right policies in place to do it.

I also thought you might like to know that Stonewall runs a training programme for school staff as part of its School Champion's programme, to give staff the confidence they need to tackle homophobic bullying. If you'd like to find out more about the training and how to access Stonewall's resources you can visit

Thank you for taking my concerns into consideration and I look forward to hearing back from you.

With kind regards,

[Your name]



Last updated: about 3 years ago