Raise funds to prevent HIV transmission with the FLOWE(RED) delivery service



This year, instead of using your normal flower delivery service for Mother's Day gifts, why not try a new service that delivers beautiful flowers while raising funds to prevent disease transmission?

Order via FLOWE(RED), the online flower delivery service from (RED), and all profits go to the Global Fund to help eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV by 2015. The aim is to deliver the first AIDS-free generation in nearly 30 years.

Around 340,000 babies are born with HIV each year and nearly half of those won't live to see their 2nd birthday. But with access to HIV/AIDS treatment, a pregnant woman can prevent the transmission of the HIV virus to their newborn child – allowing them to grow up free from the effects of the virus and the need for life-long treatment. 

Case studies


Deborah discovered she had HIV when she was pregnant with Desmond. The timing of Deborah's diagnosis is very common - many women only discover they have HIV when they attend a prenatal clinic for testing. Thanks to successful treatment, Desmond was born free from HIV. He enjoys playing football with his three older siblings and dancing around their home.

DorisRuth, an HIV-positive mother living in Ghana, gave birth to Bernadetta six years ago. Ruth was put on anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment while she was pregnant to help lower the viral load in her body. After her birth, Bernadetta was also given ARV medication specifically formulated for infants. Bernadetta was tested periodically until she was 18 months old. Today, Bernadetta is six years old and still HIV negative. 


Doris, who has HIV, gave birth to Michael four years ago. Thanks to treatment, he is HIV-negative, healthy and active. He enjoys playing football and reading books. When he grows up he would like to be a soldier, but Doris would prefer for him to be a pilot. Doris says: "There is hope for people living with HIV; you can go on living, having families and working."




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