Breast cancer Q&A

Breast cancerThanks to all the Mumsnetters who took part in our Breast Cancer Q&A.

The lovely folks at Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Care - both experts in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer - have put together their answers, and we're linking to all their answers here.


Who's who on our Q&A team

  • Catherine Priestley is a clinical nurse specialist in primary breast cancer at Breast Cancer Care. She's part of the Breast Cancer Care nursing team, which includes specialists in breast cancer in younger women, secondary breast cancer, family history and breast health.
  • Dr Caitlin Palframan helps provide the evidence that underpins Breakthrough Breast Cancer's work: she has expertise across wide range of subjects, including the factors that influence a woman's risk of developing breast cancer; breast cancer services and treatments; genetics and family history; and how to be breast aware.
  • Dr Farah Rehman, Avon Clinical Fellow at the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre, is currently working on how to make a new class of drug called PARP inhibitors more effective for people with breast cancer. She answers questions about breast cancer research and the latest developments in treatment.

Don't forget, if you missed the Q&A, both organisations offer advice and support to everyone affected by breast cancer.

Last updated: over 1 year ago