Bounty Mutiny: ban commercial reps on maternity wards

Mumsnet campaign: After 82% of you told us you feel it's unacceptable for the NHS to allow commercial companies access to patients, we're campaigning for a ban on Bounty sales reps in postnatal wards.



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Campaign explained: The Bounty Mutiny was triggered by a lengthy thread in which Mumsnetters voiced their concerns over the presence of commercial reps on maternity wards. Find out more about its inception and its aims.

Ask HMRC to end its relationship with Bounty

Bounty HMRC Petition

The HMRC uses taxpayer’s money to pay Bounty £90,000 each year to distribute child benefit forms in its packs. Please sign the petition asking HMRC to end this practice.

"I was tearful, traumatised ... in no position to deal with a sales person"

Mumsnet campaigns: the story so far

Talk: What was your Bounty rep experience? Tell us how you felt about them, and find out what you can do to help our campaign.

Bounty Mutiny: responses


Read a round-up of reactions to our Bounty campaign in the media, on blogs and Twitter, and via email – and add your own experiences.

Mumsnet letter to the PM

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"Dear David …": Read Justine Roberts' letter to David Cameron, in which she asks that an urgent review be undertaken of Bounty sales reps' practices on NHS wards.

Infographic: what you said

Bounty survey

We asked for your experiences of Bounty representatives after you'd given birth in NHS hospitals. Here are the results at a glance.

Support from healthcare providers and academics

Bounty campaign

Many senior healthcare figures and organisations have rallied behind the Mumsnet Bounty campaign: here's what they had to say.

Bounty reps campaign

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Eight out of 10 (82%) of the Mumsnetters who responded to our Bounty survey said it was unacceptable for NHS hospitals to allow commercial companies to interact directly with patients on wards.