Better Postnatal Care media coverage

woman and newborn in hospital

Our campaign to improve postnatal care has received widespread media coverage in national and local newspapers, as well as on radio, and has been written about by a wide range of bloggers and vloggers.


Should 11-year-olds be given breastfeeding lessons?
New Zealand Herald, 2 August

Breastfeeding ‘should be a school subject’
The Times, 1 August

Doctors want children to be taught about breastfeeding
Yorkshire Evening Post, 1 August

Teach pupils about breastfeeding, say Royal College doctors
BBC News, 1 August

UK attitudes to breastfeeding must change, say experts
The Guardian, 1 August

Every child should be taught about breastfeeding at school to end stigma, children's doctors say
The Telegraph, 1 August

Breastfeeding lessons at 11: Top doctors say it should be taught in school to make the practice more widespread
The Daily Mail, 1 August

Doctors call for pupils to be taught importance of breastfeeding
Sky News, 1 August

Denied painkillers, left hungry and not seeing their baby for days… how some mums are so traumatised by their NHS post natal care they say they'll NEVER have another baby
The Daily Mail, 9 May

Postnatal services are the Cinderella of maternity services say midwives
RCM News, 4 May

Postnatal care is the neglected 'Cinderella' of midwifery
Independent Nurse, 4 May

Drivetime with Eddie Nestor
BBC London Drive, 4 May

New Mums On Postnatal Wards Sometimes Go Without Food And Pain Relief, According To Mumsnet
The Huffington Post UK, 4 May

No pain relief and no food…how the NHS betrays new mums: One in five are 'scarred by shocking post-natal hospital care
The Daily Mail, 4 May


Post-Natal Care: After Care not After Thought
by Mama Mei, 22 June

Midwives want better postnatal care too, but we need support
by Talking Mums, 17 June

Why I am supporting the Mumsnet campaign for #BetterPostnatalCare
by Mimi Rose & Me, 6 June

Why I am supporting the Mumsnet campaign for #BetterPostnatalCare
by Island Living 365, 1 June

Birth After Trauma – Alisha’s birth story
by Birth After Trauma, 1 June

My birth experience left me frightened and alone. Could postnatal care be better?
by Bringing Up Baby, 30 May

This is why we need #BetterPostnatalCare
by Ghostwriter Mummy, 26 May

Better Postnatal Care
by Southwark Belle, 25 May

'I waited on the examination table for five hours'
by Crummy Mummy, 15 May

by Shoebox Full of Memories, 4 May


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What is postpartum psychosis? by Dr Trudi Seneviratne, 15 May