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Help raise awareness of asthma in Westminster

Get it off your chest

Has your life been affected by asthma? If it has, then you don't need to be told how serious a condition it can be. But politicians and people with no experience of asthma often think it's no big deal, despite three people dying of asthma every day in the UK.

The charity Asthma UK is asking everyone affected by asthma to visit Get It Off Your Chest, put themselves on the map and speak out about how asthma affects their or their loved ones' lives. On 18 May, they are taking these stories to Westminster to convince MPs that asthma is a priority and it shouldn't be ignored in the much-talked-about proposed changes to healthcare.

Asthma MapBy sharing your story, Asthma UK hopes this is the first step to making sure both the public and the Government finally take asthma seriously.

It could also help teachers, employers and healthcare professionals to deal with asthma better, improving the lives of everyone with asthma. By raising awareness about the condition, you could even be helping to save lives - as 90% of asthma deaths are preventable.

Of the stories shared so far, the overwhelming majority show that asthma isn't taken seriously enough and include nine heartbreaking accounts of children and adults who have tragically died from the condition.

We've already had more than 100 parents of children with asthma tell us their stories about school days missed, hospital visits and concerns around medicines. One mum, told us about her two sons, both of whom have asthma: "But no matter how hard life gets at home or at school or out and about, my two little boys keep smiling and have hope." 

You can read more about her story here

Get it off your chest

There's not much time left to add your story, so get it off your chest now. The more stories we have, the more powerful the message taken to Westminster will be. By sharing your story it will help others understand that asthma is a serious, lifelong condition that should not be ignored.


Last updated: over 3 years ago