5 reasons why we need statutory sex and relationships education

Mumsnet users have long supported statutory sex education so we're cock-a-hoop about the government's announcement that comprehensive information about relationships and sex will be given to every child. Why? Well, because...

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1. Young people are getting mixed messages

Young people are often only a few clicks away from myths and misconceptions about relationships. They are bombarded with confusing messages about how they should treat each other, but need clear information so they can approach issues in a safe way.

2. Sexual harassment in schools IS a problem

A YouGov survey found that almost one third of 16-18 year-old girls experience unwanted sexual touching at school, and nearly three quarters of all 16-18 year-olds hear sexual name calling, using terms such as 'slut' or 'slag', several times a week. 

3. Sexual violence is still an issue we need to tackle

Giving young people the information they want and need, and the opportunity to talk, is the best method we have of preventing abuse in the long term.

4. Current provision of SRE is patchy

Schools are only currently required to teach the biological basics of sexual reproduction by the age of 15 - anything else is voluntary.

5. Students are calling out for it

There is strong support for compulsory SRE from pupils, parents and teachers. And frankly, young people in schools deserve it.

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