Book of the Month: Why Mummy Swears

why mummy swears

Why Mummy Swears is the number one bestselling and much anticipated new novel from Gill Sims, author of the hilarious Why Mummy Drinks and online sensation Peter and Jane.

About the book

Why Mummy Swears continues the story of Ellen and her charmingly dysfunctional but wholly recognisable family as they begin the school summer holidays.

Mummy is set a whole new set of parenting challenges as the children move away from Pokemon to social media. Boy Child Peter is forever connected to his iPad and Girl Child Jane is desperate to make her fortune as an Instagram lifestyle influencer. Meanwhile, as the new term approaches, Mummy has unwittingly joined the PTA and the joy of organising the Christmas fair.

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About the author

Gill Sims

Gill Sims is the author and illustrator of the hugely successful parenting blog and Facebook page 'Peter and Jane'. She lives in Scotland with her husband, two children and a recalcitrant rescue border terrier, who rules the house.

Gill’s interests include drinking wine, wasting time on social media, trying and failing to recapture her lost youth and looking for the dog when he decides to go on one of his regular jaunts.

Gill says: “I’m so excited to be chosen as Mumsnet’s Book Of The Month – I’ve only just discovered the joy of the Mumsnet AIBU boards, and I’m sure Ellen would have had lots of things to post there had I found them sooner! It was wonderful to revisit Ellen’s world and find out what she’s been doing since the end of Why Mummy Drinks, so I hope you all enjoy reading Why Mummy Swears as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

What our bloggers thought


The Mummy Bubble

“This hilarious novel – written in diary format – was so brilliantly observed and packed with so many true-to-life incidents that I found myself nodding along and laughing out loud frequently.”

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Max and Mummy blog

“All I can hope is that this isn't the end of Ellen's tales and there are more to come. It's probably been my favourite book of the Mumsnet Book Club books I have read and I found myself rolling on the sofa crying with laughter at some of the events.”

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Five Little Doves blog

“Perfect for those who need a book to make them belly laugh, to make them feel better about their own parenting dramas, and those who need just five minutes peace from their own Precious Moppets!”

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Island Living 365

“This book is a wittier and funnier Bridget Jones, sleep deprived and with plenty of baggage to boot. There was so much that I could relate to in this book, including the swearing (I’m only human) and the dreaded PTA.”

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Helpful Mum

“I think that if you liked the previous book then you will love this one too.”

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Get involved

If you're interested in joining us, do grab yourself a copy. Or first, check out the book by reading or listening to the extracts below.

Read Chapter 1 of Why Mummy Swears

Author webchat

Gill Sims will be joining us to chat and answer questions about Why Mummy Swears on Wednesday 5 September between 9 and 10pm.

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