Why Did Nobody Tell Me?

The rules



Why did nobody tell me… that you don't need to worry about the other parents at the school gates? 


Why Did Nobody Tell Me? offers invaluable advice on not only how to survive the school gates but how to navigate every part of the tricky path of parenthood.

Drawn from the Talk boards, and based on the assumption that if thousands of parents have found a piece of advice to be helpful then you can be pretty sure it's worth knowing, this book shapes that collective wisdom into dozens of dos and don'ts that will lead you through the minefield that is 21st-century parenting.

Provocative, funny and a triumph of common sense over hysteria, Why Did Nobody Tell Me? will act as a buoyancy aid to help you keep your head when all about you are losing theirs.

  • That the gurus don't always know best
  • That you don't have to 'get your figure back' six weeks after birth
  • That it's OK to let them eat dirt
  • That you don't have to have a naughty step

And most importantly...

  • That you should never buy a guinea pig


Last updated: about 3 years ago