Santa's Magic Key

Santa's Magic Key

This Christmas, we're giving away 10 copies of the wonderfully festive story, Santa's Magic Key. Apply for your copy below.

This giveaway is sponsored by Little Tiger Press

About the book

In recent years, the number of fireplaces in homes have decreased significantly – but what does this mean for Christmas? For children without chimneys everywhere, Little Tiger Press have come to the rescue with Santa's Magic Key.

The fireplace has become a staple of Christmas, from hanging stockings to roasting chestnuts. But the strongest Christmas fireplace tradition is its use as an entrance into homes by none other than Santa Claus himself. Chris Cringle, an advocate for upholding Christmas tradition, stated that his particular line of work has been affected by the decline in fireplaces.

The biggest worry across many children’s minds is ‘How will Santa be able to visit my house without a fireplace or chimney?’ Manisha, aged 7, has plagued her parents with this question after a recent house renovation rendered their fireplace obsolete. Likewise, Tobias, aged 6, was left terribly upset after moving into a new flat block to discover that there was no way Santa Claus would be able to visit.

This gorgeous festive gift set contains a storybook and special magic key from Santa himself. Simply hang the key on your front door on Christmas Eve and Santa will do the rest.

Emi Ordás

About the illustrator

Emi Ordás is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. Having illustrated over 300 titles to date, he also plays the role of art director in his own company, Wedoo Studio. Emi now lives near the mountains in Madrid with his wife and children, and works from his home studio.

About the author

Stephanie Stansbie has been a children's books editor for more years than she’d care to mention. She has written a number of picture books along the way. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, watching her boys at play (son and husband) and, when she has the energy, the occasional stint of Capoeira.

Book giveaway

We've got 10 copies of Santa's Magic Key to give away to Mumsnetters. This book is suitable for children aged 3-6. This giveaway closes on Monday 19 December.

We ask all winners to share their thoughts (and their children's thoughts) about the book in the reviews section of our site.