Pregnancy: The Mumsnet Guide

Pregnancy: The Mumsnet Guide book cover


Morning sickness to maternity leave, stretch marks to swollen ankles, birth plans to births-not-so-planned, and all the jitters and joys in between, the Mumsnet guide to pregnancy takes you through every stage of the hormone-sodden path to parenthood.  

The guide is packed with advice, wit, wisdom and reassurance from other Mumsnetters on potential pregnancy concerns such as:

  • When should I go public?
  • Am I going to be a good mother?
  • Is it OK to have a glass of wine… maybe two?
  • Am I the only one with ankles the size of cabbages?
  • When am I going to start blooming?
  • How do I stop complete strangers patting my bump?

Add some wickedly funny illustrations and the whole lot printed on planet-friendly paper and we immodestly claim that if you only read one book while you're pregnant (or thinking about it), this should be the one.


Last updated: almost 2 years ago