Book club library 2010

Here's what we read in Mumsnet book club in 2010. You can find out which books are making us laugh, cry and fume on the Book club Talk boards. And there's even more to read on our books homepage



Whoops! - John Lanchester

A readable, engaging account of what went wrong in the world economy: 'why everyone owes everything and no one can pay'.

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A Week in December - Sebastian Faulks

Strangers in London are drawn together by shared experiences and curious coincidences over the course of one week in December.

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The Damned United - David Peace

A superb evocation of 1970s football, and a brilliant portrayal of Brian Clough's 44 days as Leeds United's manager.

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Diamond Star Halo - Tiffany Murray

A glam-rock laden tale, set in a rural recording studio, about what happens when the family favourite grows up to become a star.

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Brooklyn - Colm Tóibín

When a young Irish girl falls in love in America, a tragedy pulls her back home leaving her facing a terrible dilemma.

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Bad Science - Ben Goldacre

A thought-provoking book that pulses with anger and wit as it tackles fakery and quackery in the world of science.

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An Education - Lynn Barber

A brisk, sharp and enjoyable foray into Barber's memories, starting at 16 and her run-in with a conman

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