Book club library 2009

Here's what we read in Mumsnet book club during 2009.

If you'd like to join in, you can learn more about how book club works and find out which books are making us laugh, cry and fume. There's even more to read on our books homepage.




Mrs Tim of the Regiment book jacket little stranger book cover oryx cover
Mrs Tim of the Regiment
DE Stevenson
The Little Stranger
Sarah Waters
Oryx and Crake
Margaret Atwood
A tale of British army life, and how a mother married to an officer struggles to keep her life going despite a world of challenges.  A dusty, post-war summer and a crumbling manor become the backdrop for a haunting ghost story about a doctor and his patient. An adventure into the future where a virus has wiped out the population, except for one sole group of survivors. 
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home cover middlesex cover what was lost book cover
Marilynne Robinson
Jeffrey Eugenides
What was Lost
Catherine O'Flynn
A beautiful and poignant story about a prodigal son returning to his childhood home determined to make amends with his past.  An epic tale spanning eight decades of social and political change, about American-Greek Calliope, who inherited a rare genetic mutation.  When a security guard discovers a 20-year-old tape of a young girl on the day she disappeared, he starts searching for her. Intricate and compelling. 
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Enchanted april I capture the castle  
The Enchanted April
Elizabeth Von Armin 
I Capture the Castle
Dodie Smith

Four women leave post-war England behind to holiday on the Italian Riviera, where they shed their inhibitions and discover harmony.  A heroine who yearns for romantic attachment has her impoverished world turned upside down by the arrival of American heirs. 
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