How book giveaways work

Book giveawaysOne of the perks of the Mumsnet book club is free books. We give away a variety of titles and genres each month and, unless otherwise stated, it's generally 50 copies of each book. Here's a rundown of our current giveaway offers.

Book of the Month: fiction

The giveaway page goes live on the 15th day of each month (or the following Monday if it falls on a weekend). You can find a link to the page on the book of the month Talk board. We'll also send out a reminder email with the link. The application form is always live for at least 24 hours but check the page for the exact closing date. A live webchat with the author takes place in the last week of the month.

Book of the Month: non-fiction

The giveaway page goes live on the first Monday of the month. We'll announce on the homepage (check the Latest box), on the Books index page and we'll link to it from the book of the month Talk board. You'll have the opportunity to share your thoughts with other Mumsnetters and sometimes to interact with the author. The application form is usually live for 48 hours but check the page for the exact closing date.

Children's Books of the Month

On the first day of each month we give away 50 picture books and 50 chapter books. These are announced on the homepage, the Children's books index and the Children's books discussion board.

Book club newsletter freebies

We give away a number of books - usually three, but sometimes more - and a range of children's and adult fiction and non-fiction. The newsletter is sent out on the second Tuesday of each month and you need to be signed up to receive it. We announce the books each month on the book giveaways discussion area on Talk once the books have been sent out and ask Mumsnetters to come back and post their thoughts (good or bad) on the thread once they've read the books.

Weekly giveaways

We also give away a book each Monday. This is announced from the homepage and also from our Book Club newsletter. We'll start a discussion thread each week asking Mumsnetters who receive the books to share their thoughts.

Please note: applicants must be UK residents in order to be considered for giveaways.



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